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The construction industry has undergone significant changes in recent years to adapt the changing market demands. 

The challenge is to find solutions which are both building profitable, run fast, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Therefore, the construction in steel structure has taken a lead role being the solution that best meets the assumptions described above.

Naturally this paradigm shift requires an increasing need for trained human resources in this specific area. In the particular case of steel structures, Design, Optimization and all the process of Steel Detailing require particular accuracy. 

Nevertheless this will translate in an industrial production and assembly work with an unparalleled degree of efficiency when compared with the most traditional construction methods (eg concrete).

This is an emerging area where there is a constant evolution of the IT tools used. For instance, 3D technology has revolutionized completely the project method. The softwares used are constantly being improved and changed. This determines a continuous updating and high technical qualification and expertise. 

The need for the production industries to cope with current challenges in innovation, without compromising their financial viability, in a volatile market, makes the role of companies, like FCGAB, central. The FCGAB gathers a group of highly skilled technicians who combine rigorous engineering scientific knowledge to the field experience.


  • Provide technical services of excellence as to ensure maximum profitability in the construction process
  • To ensure scientific accuracy without compromising the simplification of the production and assembly processes
  • Clear Flow of information from the drafting table to the production
  • Promote communication with the client
  • Compliance with strict deadlines
  • Competitive prices
  • Innovation and constant updating

In FCGAB, we are committed to our clients' success, working diligently to provide quality in every project we are a part of. We strive to establish our company as a strategic partner of Industry.


Avª 1ª Dezembro, 4590-505 Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

(+351) 255 863 483


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